Rapha has unvieled what it calls simply the ‘Club’ jersey’, which is to come in three colours, each representing an important piece of cycling history.

As with most Rapha gear it’s not on a ‘money down the back of the sofa’ budget, infact the Club will set your wallet back At £95, or $160. Then again, the garment is designed with longevity in mind, utilising a Merino rich fabric, which naturally wicks sweat and is UV resistant. Merino wool also has anti-bacterial properties. 

According to Rapha,its road-racing legends Dario Pegoretti (pink/cream/grey), Sean Kelly (blue/cream/yellow) and Johan Museeuw (light grey/yellow/dark grey) that inspire the colours.

For the finer detail of the jerseys sizes and cut, see here.


  1. Looks like something they found in a Portland thrift shop- and priced like it too.
    Must be ‘vintage classic retro’, brah.
    Next item up from Rapha: 350$ girl jeans with a great back story…stay tuned.

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