NAHBS 2010Banjo Bicycles, a small builder out of Madison, WI, had this beast of a bike headlining their booth.  Dubbed the “Big Dumb Pug,” it’s a long-tail fat tire hauler.  Besides the giant frame, it’s decked out with a myriad of boutique bits from other small crafts persons, like the wooden fenders (from a friend), Portland Design Works grips and Kara Ginther embossed leather saddle and “mudflap.”

Taking the snow / mud theme seriously, Banjo built a circular headlight bash guard into the front rack, adding a little comedic (though probably somewhat utilitarian) flair.

They also had a travel touring bike with S&S couplers and some arsty racks and other nice touches.  Pics and notes (pun intended) after the break…



The BDP had obviously been ridden, and the fenders appear to have done their job.


The extended rear end has pole mounts for a variety of popular 3rd party attachments…


…even if that accessory is your other bike.


The BDP starts at $2,200 for the frame, and the fork is $400.  It comes standard with the straight tubes.  The curved “beach cruiser” tubes are a $200 option.  The brushed stainless steel racks start at $200.  The bike as shown weighs in around 45lbs.


For people that aren’t battling the elements on every ride, Banjo’s touring bike is made to travel with you.


The frame uses S&S couplers for quick disassembly. The tops of the seatstays wrap around the front of the seat tube for style points, and frame pump tabs behind it for utility.


Banjo called the rear rack collapsible, but really it just disassembles to pack flat when traveling with the bike.  Floral design motifs pair well with the bamboo laminate fenders and bottle cages.


The front rack has a smaller platform but is pannier-ready.  Front generator hub powers front and rear lights.



Leather detail artwork by Kara Ginther on the fender flaps and saddle give the bike handcrafted look.


The Touring bike is fillet brazed steel and starts at $2,000 ($1,500 without couplers) for the frame and $350 for the fork.  Racks are additional.


What do you think?