Well…two qualifiers:   It’s the world’s smallest “rideable” bike and technically it’s not really a bicycle since there are no pedals.  But, it’s freakin’ tiny!  Get past the goofy intro if you’re not feelin’ in and watch the dude ride it at about 1:09.  You don’t really get a sense of the scale until you see someone on it…it’s sooooo small.

Here’s what their website says about it:

Moosshiqk – is a 12 inch height, 18 inch length battery driven bike. Only one of its kind in the world which can be ride backwards (reverse). It can be disassembled in less than 1 minute and can be assembled in the same time. Dry weight : 4 kg, Speed : 12 to 15 kmph

Hipsters will love it for the chopped flat bar.  Let’s see if they cop the seat idea…


What do you think?