Electra’s New Bicycle Handlebar Camera Mount, One Step Closer to Perfect Panda Shots!

Crappy, blurry handheld panda shots are a thing of the past. Electra Bikes has added an accessory to make all the contributors at instructables.com (like this one) feel bad and you look good.  Of course, you don’t get the weather / flying debris protection of a GoPro or similar, but if you already have a camera and don’t wanna drop the coin for an action sports specific cam, this mount is just the ticket.

It’s pretty well built, with a great folding cam to loosen/tighten it so you can get both the angle right in all three dimensions (level, tilt and swivel).  And in case your brain comes out with your helmet, Electra’s website cautions against leaving your pixel-maker attached to it when driving with your bike on a rack.

$39.99, available on their website. Another photo after the break…