Trek’s Project One now has the Team RadioShack paint scheme available, letting you build up a custom bike just like Lance and company.

Trek’s road product manager Tyler Pilger says that, for now, Project One is the only way to get the team replica paint job.

The team paint job is a $1,679.98 option over the standard Select Series options, and that premium includes a $200 donation to the Lance Armstrong Foundation.  Each frame is handpainted by the same folks that paint the team bikes, and they’re individually signed by the artist on the outside of the left chainstay.  The RadioShack team stickers on the wheels are a no charge option available on the Bontrager Aeolus clinchers.

Just for fun, we built up the Madone 6.9 road bike as close as possible (with the provided Trek-branded options) to what the team is riding, but threw Shimano Di2 Dura-Ace on there instead of SRAM Red.  The final tally?  $12,400.47.

That’s the high end of what a Project One bike can cost, but you can still get this frame while spec’ing it with 105, Ultegra or Force groups and downgrading some of the component spec to make it (slightly) more attainable.  Wanna kill some time?  Start your own Project One bike here.


  1. Wow! I’d like to see the list of idiot’s that would pay that much money for that mess. And it’s quite ballsy for the “artist” to sign it thereby admitting in writting that they are responsible for that mess. I think shower curtains in the 50’s were that flesh color weren’t they?
    You’ve got be on hell of a Lance fan, or have some money to throw down the crapper to spend that. Why wouldn’t you just write the check directly to the Armstrong Foundation. Then people won’t laugh at you riding down the street on the “barf bike” and you have given some real money for a real purpose.

  2. Yeah, by my calculations, they could fit at least two dozen more logos on the bike. I mean, the back half of the top tube and the seatpost are COMPLETELY EMPTY! Talk about a missed marketing opportunity!

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