Lions and Trials and 650B’s – Oh My! Sweet New Bikes Teaser

This 650B All Road randonneur bike from Yipsan Bicycles is just a teaser of the fanciful two-wheeled creations we’ll be covering at the NAHBS at the end of the month.  This one’s available for custom order in either lugged or fillet brazed construction, and prices start around $1,600 for the frame.

Hit ‘more’ to see some of the other things, like a Trials Bike for Cirque du Soleil rider Lance Trappe, among others…after the break…

This custom built aluminum trials frame is used in the Cirque performances and made by Tektonics Design Group.

They also make this TRA Pro Model Mjöllnir Prototype trials frame from Columbus Noval AL Megatubes.

Tektonics also built up this prototype steel single-speed 29er with a copper plating finish, which should look even sweeter as it tarnishes.

An integrated seatmast cyclocross bike from Engin.


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  1. I ride a lot of diciplines of riding and trials is one of them.I was under the understanding that Lance Trappe rode Frank TheWelders frames,what’s the deal Lance?

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