Working with Children of Abraham, a non-profit based upon Jewish / Christian / Muslim heritage, Hokey Spokes learned that one item NOT being donated were water purification tablets. They contacted the
manufacturer in WIsconsin and ordered 1,000 bottles of 24 tabs. When the pharmacy learned they were going to Haiti, they shipped 50-count bottles, and sent them to Gary, Indiana FedEx overnight. They were
placed last on a container that left January 22nd so they could be first-off when the container arrives.

The spokesperson at the Wisconsin Pharma said they had just received a desperate call from Haiti begging for water purification tablets. “We have nothing to drink here,” the man said. The pharmaceutical company joined with Hokey Spokes to make even a bigger difference with their

Carole Barnes (pictured), owner of Hokey Spokes, worked at a children’s orphanage in Haiti in 2002.

“We want to thank our customers for enabling us to give back to the community,” Carole said. “When youi see people riding with Hokey Spokes, thank them for their contribution to Haiti.”


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