Lance Armstrong is interviewed in the Daily Telegraph admitting he might be foolish to think he can win the Tour de France again, but it won’t stop him from trying.

“I think I can win the Tour again. I might be a fool to think that but I’m going to go down my foolish way and find out,” Armstrong said as he boarded his private jet to return to America after racing the Tour Down Under.

“It’s something I think would be possible. It’s going to be the hardest one to win. The competition is better than it ever has been before.”

He looking fitter and faster than this time last year, to be sure, but he’s also facing off against some incredibly well trained competition, not the least of which are top finishers Contador, Schleck and Wiggins.  Team RadioShack director Johan Bruyneel is drinking the Koolaid, too:

“Lance is good. He’s a lot different than last year. Physically his form is a lot better, he feels good in the bunch and he feels good in the team so that’s three things that are better than last year,” Bruyneel said.

Even Team Sky’s Dave Brailsford (director) calls Armstrong the “benchmark” and said anyone would be foolish to dismiss his chances.

“He’s definitely got it in him for another Tour de France and being right up there, there’s no doubt about it,” Brailsford said.

“Whether he can win it or not, time will tell. You can’t say that he will but you certainly can’t say that he can’t. As long as you say that Lance Armstrong can’t, then he’s in with a chance.”

What do you think?