Say hello to the Kitten, a 205-pound frankenbike that rolls on car tires.  It has seven speeds, directional solar-powered headlights and a devolutionary foot brake.  No, you don’t skid heels-first like Flintstone, there’s a foot pedal that simply presses a pad into the rear tire just behind the cassette.  Hey, no one said being able to ride over anything would be high tech, right?

The Kitten is the “hey, the wheels were free so why not?” brainchild of Gregory deGouveia, and you can get your own (along with the Jesus Lizard and Bigger Wheel) for a measly $2,000 at

You’re not not hearing things, the video has no sound.  More pics after the break…



The solar panel in the middle recharges the batteries for the lights, with a switch mounted to the handlebar.


The 7-speed cassette and foot brake.

Via  Thanks to Bicycle Design for the tip.

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