Graeme Street, founder of Cyclo-Club and Cyclo-Core, has agreed to provide some training vids for us on a regular basis starting with Cyclo-LOOSE IN 5′ Stretching Routine.

Stretching is something many of us seem to forget or just ignore, but it can make a massive difference in your performance and comfort on the bike.  This video has a quick (5 minutes), simple and effective workout to enhance your recovery and flexibility that you can probably cram in while you’re waiting for the foam on your recovery drink to settle.

You can do the first bit of this in your office chair and if you’re stuck pushing a rodent around your desk all day or driving a lot, you’ll immediately feel better.  More to come.

Check out his website for 90+ cycling specific workouts, training systems, bootcamps, and proven cycling results.

What do you think?