Fat Cyclist and Bike Snob NYC are both among numerous blogs up for Bloggie awards, and you can vote for them and your other favorites here.  It’s a side-scrolling site, so if it doesn’t appear that there’s anywhere to vote, roll your trackball sideways (or, strangely, down works too) or use the slider on the bottom.

Both Fatty and Snobby are in several categories, so if you just can’t decide, spread your votes between Best Sports and Best Writing, then pick Fatty for Blog of the Year because Snobby’s not a candidate.  The winner in each category wins one penny for every year since BC became AD.

Nominations have closed already, but thanks in advance for your nomination of Bikerumor for a 2011 Bloggie…go ahead and set your calendar alarm now. (opens Jan 1, 2011. 🙂    😉    etc.)

What do you think?