Me thinks this has been floating around the interweb for a bit, but lest it pass you by, here’s one sweet wooden bicycle.  Eschewing the nautical motif, Arndt Menke-Zumbragel’s Woodway Bicycle turns trees into a clean, modern looking fixie with a touch of rear cush.

Hollowed wood tubes are connected to metal lugs and chainstays to create the 2.3kg (5.07lb) frame, then it’s decked out with some mighty fine spec: Tune seatpost, carbon fiber saddle, Fixie Inc. flipflop rear hub, Schwalbe tires and Truvativ Omnium cranks.

Lots of fantastic pics after the break, including one of the manufacturing process for those wavy seat stays…










  1. I can’t remember where I saw it, but those are “pedals”. The special shoe has a cylindrical hole (like you can see through those handlebars above, that you slip over the spindle. “benefits” were touted as lightweight, lower stack height or whatever terminology for pedals…

  2. Actually, the tubes are built by laminating veneers (and alternating the grain) to create tubes…the same technique that you’d use building a carbon tube.
    In comparison an average steel frame , this frame is probably less than a lb heavier…in the context of a complete bike, nothing too objectionable. This isn’t being marketed as a alpine assault race bike…take it for what it is a, a design exercise in both materials & methods.

    Jason Lee, I have`a hunch you are mistaking those pedals for Aerolite pedals…(?) These just look to be axles used for theme… But since this bike is from Germany, all bets are off & I certainly stand to be corrected.

    McLarry, there are probably a few things in life you don’t “get”, obviously this is one. So safe to say, you won’t be purchasing one. (BTW…it’s spelled..Ridiculous, FYI)

    We can probably all agree that this is not the bike to own if you also happen to have a pet beaver…

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