How do you build up a 23.6lb Santa Cruz Tallboy 29er?  Well, it helps if you own the company, but here’s the spec list:  RaceFace Next cranks, SRAM XX drivetrain, Ti Eggbeater pedals, Edge carbon seatpost and tubular rims, and Geax sew-ups, and some “really ugly” red foam grips.

The untoward adjective “really ugly” comes courtesy of the staff, who summarily rips apart the bossman’s photography skills on their blog.  Good stuff if you’re in the mood.

If you want to see how a more stock Tallboy looks and weighs, check out our Interbike ride review.


  1. a mielke – in response to your comment, our thick necked overlord is probably right around 180 pounds right now. he’s been riding a ton lately though, so he might have dropped a couple more pounds recently. for what it is worth, my tallboy has edge wheels on it, but an spx kit and nothing else fancy at all, and weighs a clean 25 pounds. i weigh 190 and it is more than stiff.

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