Team Astana and Specialized have released official (though not very glamorous) photos of the 2010 team bikes.  After Alberto Contador signed a personal sponsorship with Specialized, the big “S” eventually put bikes under the full team.  If you’re looking, you won’t find these or anything else current on the Astana website…it’s apparently under construction while they get all the new rider info and such put together.  But you can watch a nice video telling about how great they did in 2009.

The team ride is the new 2010 Tarmac SL3, the same bike that SaxoBank will be riding this year.  Unlike the SaxoBank bikes, the Astana rides actually have a bit of color and style.  Check out more pics after the break for detail photos…










  1. Is Specialized really trying to emulate Trek with those “stylish” graphics? I think Specialized jumped-the-shark when they decided to sponsor Astana and especially when they developed this paint scheme. Those gray highlights look so out of place. You’d think Robert Eggard would know better than to let these roll out of whatever Taiwanese paint shop they used to paint the frames this time. I don’t care if Berto will be riding the SL3…it’s Astana. Let’s see if the Big Red S brings in some elusive, wealthy artists to custom paint Cantador’s bikes for the Tour?

  2. I still don’t know why, but I just can’t get excited by any bike made by Specialized (or Trek or Cannondale or Giant for that matter). I have tried, but they just don’t do anything for me…No passion, maybe?

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