For the more socially timid, there’s this glove hack, but for people looking to start a conversation, we offer you this video.  It should work with any touchscreen phone.  Now, the only challenge is to get your phone out of your hydration pack or jersey pocket in time…


  1. You got to be a real prick to post something like that… Can’t keep that type of language to yourself? Perhaps you need to ride more to relieve some if that fustration you have built up?

  2. why not just use the nose?
    run it passed on the way to the ear, problem solved. wipe snot off when you get home.
    its not like you’re doing the calling while out riding.

  3. Wow, iworedettos, are you seriously this upset that someone on the internet is licking his iPhone? Here’s a better way to deal with all that pent-up rage: Stop commenting on the fucking internet and ride your fucking bike. See? It’s easy!

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