Speaking of wooden bikes, I found this on WoodenBikes.com, a site about “fun bikes you can make yourself.”  This one is simply listed under bikes made by others and has no description.  I suppose it doesn’t need much in the way of explanation other than where to sit.

Aaaahhh, this takes me back to my younger years when my friend Nathan and I would use his father’s workshop and scrap wood to build wooden platforms and seats on his sister’s scooter (push, not motorized), then ride it down the giant downhill driveway a few doors down or jump homemade ramps.  Then it was off to 7-Eleven for a Big Gulp before heading back to roll oranges from the other neighbors’ tree across the road (points were earned depending on which lane they got smashed in!).  Good times…

Of course, now I’m in the office most days, sitting in front of the computer.  Perhaps I need to make myself a version of the Office Bike:


This one was made by converting a kids bike into a recumbent.  I swear that’s one of the same chairs we have here at the Bikerumor office.  Sure beats trying to work while riding this one or this one.

There are a lot more entertaining homemade bicycle contraptions on WoodenBike.com…worth looking at.


  1. That Office bike picture is digitally made– its not real. Im a graphic designer, I can spot that stuff a mile away. Just thought I’d give you the heads up if it matters to you all one way or the other. Cheers!

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