pedalbrain-iphone-cycling-app2On our original post about the PedalBrain, there were lots of questions in the comments, so we checked in with the manufacturer to get some answers:

Rain Cover: “We will have a cover for it. We are still working on it and hence no photos of it on the site.”

3G Battery Life: “We are shooting for 8 hours. We at are still collecting data and once we have enough we’ll publish it on our site.”

We’ll keep you posted as more info is available.  If you didn’t read the original story, the PedalBrain is a hardware / software combo that tracks and updates your workouts in real time, allowing coaches and friends to see how you’re performing…but the real treat is being able to see where your riding partners / teammates are on the map at any time and how they’re doing…while riding in real time!


What do you think?