Various uproars and efforts have been made over the years to ban cell phone use while driving, and recently a number of states (including our home state of North Carolina) have passed bans on texting while driving, while other states require the use of hands free devices when talking and driving.  Currently 19 states plus Washington ban texting, and six states plus Washington require hands free devices while talking.

Now, there seems to be consensus among doctors, cell phone manufacturers, the auto industry, safety advocates and insurance companies, providing fresh legislation more support and increasing the likelihood that 2010 will see a number of new restrictions.

As with any contentious issue, there are opposition forces that say restricting use restricts peoples’ rights, but Arizona State Representative Steve Farley (D) says: ““They will always believe this is an issue of personal freedom.  They don’t take into account the loss of freedom when a texting driver runs into someone and kills them.”

Read the full story on New York Times here.

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