ARider is a work in progress, it’s not available yet, but it’s looking more and more likely according to blog entries (here and here) from Zeptotools / Ubiquitous Entertainment.

Based around the iPhone’s GPS and Compass/Accelerometer capabilities, it’s mated to Scaler Corp T3-A HMD screen that sits directly in front of your shades.  Since the screen size is not the same as the iPhone’s, they’re working on proprietary software to display the map, showing you where you’re going at all times.

Given that apps like Yelp Monocle already show Yelp ratings superimposed over restaurants and other establishments in real time as you point your camera, my guess is it’ll only be a matter of time before it’ll be telling you where you’re homiez is at and if they’re eating anywhere good.  Then, Carlton Reid will figure out a way to convert speech to text so he can twitter directly from his rides without stopping.  *wink*

What do you think?