We’ve been scooped on a 106 year old story! (You would think we would have had enough time). On a tip to DC two weeks ago, I toured the Smithsonian Institute’s Air and Space Museum. There I saw the Wright Flyer, read about Wright brothers, and learned about the greatest bike hack of all times: the invention of flying! The two brothers were bicycle builders who funded their early work through their bike shop, used bicycle parts and designs, and performed invaluable experiments on “angle of attack” (an aviation term for the angle of a wing with relation to direction of airflow), using a bicycle (see in the inset picture above). Yet before bringing this story to you, our beloved readers, the folks at Quickrelease.tv wrote THIS ARTICLE with excellent photos and information. Kudos Quickrelease.tv, kudos.

Definitely check it out. It makes a great bed time story, “Once upon a time, there were two brothers…”

Fun fact: One of the 5 bikes built by the Wright brothers known to still exist, the Saint Clair, is on display in the Wright Brothers exhibit at the Air and Space Museum.

What do you think?