On Friday, we debuted the all-new Titanium El Mariachi 29er mountain bike from Salsa Cycles, and today they unveiled the new Ti 26″ A La Carte bike (shown above).

The new Ti versions don’t replace the steel models of the same name, they’re just here to offer a wider range of frame materials for riders that like Titanium.  They do get a few updates, though.  For instance, the 26″ A La Carte’s frame is updated to accommodate a 100mm travel fork, and the logo etching on the downtube is a new, higher quality treatment to maintain Titanium’s signature color while still putting the logo on in a neat way (Salsa promises some more flamboyant options in the future, but for now, this is it).

Both the El Mariachi and A La Carte Ti frames will retail for $1,800, and they’re taking pre-orders through dealers for those that want their bike from the first production batch, which should drop in early March, 2010.  Deadline for getting the order in on the first go-round is December 21.  They include a Salsa Lip Lock seat collar with the frame.

Sizes available for the 29er are Small (16″), Medium (18″), Large (20″) and X-Large (22″). The Ala Carte is available in X-Small (14″), Small (16″), Medium (18″) and Large (20″).  Geometry on both carries over from existing steel versions.  Get more deets on how to order one on their blog.

What do you think?