The Constructor’s Challenge was a contest run in conjuction with the Oregon Manifest handmade bicycle show this Fall in Portland.  Designed as a challenge to bicycle manufacturers small and large to create the ultimate transportation bike, it proved the concepts by making them race their entries 77 miles across pavement and trail.  Each rider had to stop along the way and pick up various items from several checkpoints, too.

The bicycles were judged on ingenuity, capability and of course, good looks.  29 entries made the start, and the top ten listed after the break with a few pics…

  1. Pereira Cycles (Portland, OR)
  2. Sycip Design (Santa Rosa, CA)
  3. Vertigo Cycles (Portland, OR)
  4. Ahearne Cycles (Portland, OR)
  5. Retrotec / Inglis Cycles (Napa, CA)
  6. Dinucci Cycles (Sisters, OR)
  7. Metrofiets (Portland, OR)
  8. Rex Cycles (Sacramento, CA)
  9. Hufnagel Cycles (Portland, OR)
  10. Circle A Cycles (Providence, RI)


WINNER: Pereira Cycles


SECOND: Sycip Design


THIRD: Vertigo Cycles

Check out all top 12 bikes here (scroll down a bit for the slideshow).


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