Here are the first official photos of the Team RadioShack Trek Madone race bikes anywhere.  These are, thankfully, much better looking than the grainy phone cam shots we spotted recently, and the graphics detail is pretty good throughout the frame.  Like it?  Start saving now, team replica bikes will be available through your local Trek bike shop come March 2010.

Predictably, it’s built with full SRAM Red and a full Bontrager cockpit and wheels.  EIGHT more photos and details after the break…


The only difference between the “studio” photos above and the actual build photos appear to be the tires.  All black in the glamour shots, but white with a black center strip on the actual bicycles:


None of the photos clearly show the logos on the tire, but we’re guessing they’re the 210g / 290tpi clincher Bontrager Race XXX Lite Race Day tires, which are white and black.  Even the bottle cages are Bontrager RXL.  That means the only non-Trek Corp parts are from SRAM.


Lots of little RadioShack R’s dot the frame, even under the rear brake section.





The LiveStrong yellow bar runs down both the left and right seat stay.  If you haven’t heard or guessed already, Nissan is also a team sponsor.


These are nine of the best pics, but there are a few more build photos on their Facebook page.



  1. I think I’m going to puke. Is there a bare millimeter on these bikes that is not completely whored out to a sponsor? What ever happened to the bikes of the 80’s & 90’s that looked like fabrication rolling art? No thanks, keep your carbon fiber rolling trash. It’s all about the engine, not the bike.

  2. I agree with grae about the sponsorship covering the whole frame. I enjoy a flashy multicolored frame and I also enjoy the classy single colored paint job. he sponsor covered frame paint job is such a loser. Reminds me of the old Trek frames that had Trek decals all over it. This new “paint job” SUCKS.

  3. wow, that is the fugliest bike I’ve ever seen. Who in their right mind would want a state of the art race bike like that with the symbol for an outdated electronics store plastered all over it? I will laugh at anyone I see riding that monstrosity. Give me a Trek Madone without all those god awful stickers on it.

  4. it hurts! it hurts!

    I guess the wrench monkey in the last photo is wearing special UV (“ugly vinyl”) protection googles that filter out the stickers to avoid permanent eye damage…

  5. Lol! These comments are too funny! Not because of the content but because I can picture the faces so worked up over the way the bike looks.

    I see a beautiful bike. Sure it’s covered with logos, but I barely notice that. Mostly, I just see the curves and form of a bike made for racing, and it sure is pretty in it’s concept and function.

  6. Harry, as Lance put it on the Daily Show, The Shack is keeping with the times by moving away from the cool remote control toys and selling cell phones and lap tops. Progress…

    IMO, They should focus on training their employees to actually know something about electronics. I’d say only about 5% of the clerks I’ve ever dealt with were able to intelligently answer questions I had or guide me to the right bits and pieces for some of my “experiments.” The rest were as clueless as the kids on The Hills.

    Regardless, I suppose it’s nice they decided to put their money behind a cycling team rather than some stadium signage somewhere.

  7. So- all of the various ads on the bike are there for a reason. For all you bicycle purists, the tour would not be the tour without the sponsors. They pay the salaries of al the riders or did you forget that part. Stop whining.

  8. Here we (they) are going the way of NASCAR! Maybe they’re trying to distract the competition. I just don’t get why bad design graphic art is at work today in clothing and on bikes! Keep it simple like a good piece of Jazz.

  9. Well it may be ugly, O.K. it is ugly, really ugly, but it’s already generating media and publicity for
    ‘The Shack’ – Ugly sometimes works.

  10. What can i say.This bike is beautiful. It will grow on people. One thing though, just get rid of that front Bontrager pink Carbon Wheel. Pink come on please. Pink is the color of a pig. Keep the wheel Black. Like a Stallion, with all that horse power !!.

  11. Whats with the bagging of the bike, the colour scheme looks great. Lets hope they take a couple if not a few podium spots on Le Tour.

  12. Its not about not liking sponsor logos on a bike or anything to that nature. I understand they need to go on the bike. The problem is the grotesque choice of colours and horrible graphics / placement of them. The worst part is this cluster of radio shack logos they are slapping on everything. The bunch on the seatube looks so bad…it looks like a clump of pubes. Really this paint/decal job is light years behind anything that Astana (or other teams) did for last season. It looks like they were to cheap to hire good designers, and someone from corporate took a stab at graphic design. This could have been done 100x better.

  13. What do you people expect ? It’s a RACE bike . They have sponsor commitments , hence the bike is covered in sponsors graphics . It’s not the 80’s anymore .It’s big money now . Get used to it . The bike looks great in my opinion .

  14. seriously??? Does anyone remember for whom Lance used to ride? Talk about an outdated failure of a business complete with inept and disgruntled incompetent staff…USPS, what a joke…but they ponied up the cash and supported an international racing team that won the TDF…several times…its not about the sponsers…they are a means to an end…a necessary evil. I think the final paint scheme on the bikes is fantastic!!!

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