Garmin’s new Edge 500 GPS-based cycling computer starts shipping tomorrow (Wednesday, Dec. 2).  We can’t wait to get our winter-gloved little fingers on one to try out.  Here’s the quick facts:

  • Features Hot-Fix to help it find the satellites faster
  • Light and relatively inexpensive
  • Shows temperature and climbing ascension rate
  • Uses ANT+ to work with HR monitors and power meters

Those are just a few, check out our post from Interbike for all the deets.


  1. I’m trying to figure out the advantage of a 500 over an old-school 305 (which is cheaper), besides being smaller and having a better mount. Maybe this video will convince me!

  2. I can’t say I was convinced. The 305 seems to fit what I wanted better, and cheaper. Hope I’m right, as I have one on its way to me as I type this.

  3. Sweet! Now, what I need from you guys is a thorough review comparing the 500 to the 305, so that I know which to put on my Christmas list so my family can all pool together and get me one!

    I definitely don’t need the map and routes of the 305, but I’m wondering if the ability to create workouts/intervals in the 305 would prove useful, or if it isn’t something I’d use as a 3ish times weekly, weekend warrior, Fred (if you will).

    Can’t wait to see what you guys think!

    • Yeah, it’d be pretty sweet if Garmin (hint, hint) would send us a 305 along with the 500 to review. You know, as a service to our readers.

      Ultimately, it probably just comes down to being honest with yourself. I’ve got several training books here (some we’re in the midst of reviewing), but as a mostly non-racer, I tend to get lazy about following real workouts and just use the tidbits freely available online to occasionally try to get faster. That, or just go on the local group ride and get hammered into shape by the racers.

What do you think?