LA Times writer Roy Wallack, who is also the author of books about running and cycling, seems to genuinely enjoy anything on two wheels that provides exercise.  Hence, his quite serious (and positive) reviews of four ridiculous contraptions based on bicycles.

Case in point: The Row Bike, above, of which he says “Exhilarating. Rowing is a great all-body workout, and doing it at 20 mph on land is a thrilling joy ride that gets you sweaty fast and hammers the shoulders and butt. It makes you realize how little exercise your upper body gets on a normal bike. Seeing cyclists do double takes added to the specialness.”  (Sidenote: This was invented by the guy that invented RollerBlades.)

Think that’s good?  Read about the others here. Sure, they might be fun and provide a good workout, but seriously, with prices starting at $1,000 for any of them, who’s going to expose themselves to such (hmmm…how to put this delicately) peer review?  Or, perhaps more appropriate, where do they find the consumer focus groups that say “yeah, you know what, I think I would ride that in public and pay handsomely to do so.”?

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  1. I work at a bike shop in San Antonio and have seen 2 of the row bikes come in the last 6 months. Horrible contraption. but it was fun watching some of the other staff try to ride it. Just try not to turn the bars while rowing up a hill!

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