Designer Olli Erkillä built this forkless cruiser bike as a graduation project for the Institute of Design in Lahti, Finland.  It uses a simple mechanical system to steer, but the flowing design is where his artistic side shows through.  And this isn’t the only bike he’s built…his creations include a Penny Farthing (giant front wheel, tiny rear), road and mountain bike fixies and more.  In fact, this is the second forkless bike he’s built.

More photos and video of this contraption riding after the break…

Not the most exciting vid in the world, but cool to see the bike in motion…and a sweet song, too (Laisse tomber les filles by France Gall).


The handlebar connects a rod to this pivot under the seat…



…which runs through a vertical tube and pushes/pulls a similar rod that’s connected to the front wheel.  Very similar to how a car’s steering system works, and many of the parts could be pulled from an old go-cart or two if you get the bug to tinker.


The Jopo Freak was the first iteration of the forkless bicycle, but it’s no where near as cool as the white project.


  1. Hey, speaking of that song…thanks for pointing me to the original version of one of my favorite songs. April March did it (in English) for the Tarantino half of the Grind House movies, Death Proof. Here’s her version:

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