You’re not supposed to see these bad boys until Monday.  Technically, neither were we.  But we got an anonymous tip that the new 29er Kodiak 2.5 tires were in the wild and just couldn’t contain ourselves.

In a year-plus collaboration with WTB, Niner Bikes co-developed this special 2.5 width model of the Kodiak 29″ tire, and it’ll be available exclusively through Niner retail dealers and on Niner’s website.  Billed as “the first downhill-worthy 29er tire“, it’s part of Niner’s desire to offer the longest travel, burliest 29er mountain bike they can, and it plays perfectly into the rumors that they’re developing a true DH bike.

“WTBʼs help with the project has been invaluable. (They) know that there are a ton of riders out there that want a 29er with freeride and downhill capability and their willingness to step up and be the first to make a wire bead, dual-ply 29er tire shows that their passion for the big revolution is genuine,” said Niner co-founder Chris Sugai.

Specs, pricing and more photos after the break…


This is now the biggest tire you can wrap around a 29er rim.  It’s made with WTB’s grippy DNA rubber compound, and the pattern is made for bombing down fast, gnarly technical trails and non-trails.


It has the WTB Inner Peace sidewall reinforcement to help prevent pinch flats and reinforce the sidewalls.  It’s a wire bead, which means it’ll stick to the rim better when pushing it to its limits (or yours, whichever comes first).  By the numbers:

  • 29 x 2.5″
  • 1400g
  • 50 Durometer
  • 27 TPI
  • $49.95 MSRP

It’s actually up on Niner’s online store now…happy shopping!


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