2010-pedego-electric-tandem-bikePedego Launched the world’s first (their claim) electric tandem bicycle at Interbike this year, giving the person in front that much less to do.

Adding to their line of electric cruisers and folding bikes, the Pedego e-tandem has a beach cruiser design and uses a parallel electric drive system with a 750 watt motor and 48 volt lithium-manganese battery.  The battery is good for about 15,000 miles and costs less than 10 cents to recharge.  The throttle is controlled via a twister on the front handlebar, and it’ll hit up to 20mph on motor power alone!  Range is 15-30 miles of powered riding depending on usage.

They’ll be available for the holidays and retail for $2,300.

Hit ‘more’ to check out their Umbrella folding electric bike…

Pedego Umbrella 16 Open

The new Pedego Umbrella 16 has 16″ wheels and a claimed folding time of one second.  It uses a lightweight 36-volt Li-ion battery that’s easily removed for recharging.  The bike is powered by a 350 watt hub motor that’s controlled with a twist throttle.  The wide cushioned seat and tall handlebar provide a more upright riding position.

This model retails for $1,395 and joins their 12″ version ($1,095) among their electric bicycle lineup.

Pedego Umbrella 16 Folded

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