uci-logo-smallThe International Cycling Union (UCI) has posted a response on their website to a report from the French Anti  Doping Agency (AFLD) relating to anti-doping activities at the 2009 Tour de France. It’s a long and detailed response to accusations Mr. Bordry of the AFLD made earlier this month that during the Tour the UCI was being preferential to Team Astana (when will they leave Lance alone?) and other (how do you say ‘nit-picky’ in french?) allegations. The UCI stated that they had a partnership agreement with AFLD to test riders during Le Tour and that AFLD undermined that partnership by not communicating directly with them over it’s concerns before making accusations through the press. Read the full 12 page rebuttal here.

With my limited knowledge of french, I have only two things to say: C’est la vie (such is life, or, what will be will be with the AFLD)…, and Déjà vu (seems like the same thing all over again…).


What do you think?