bikepgh-101If you’e ever considered commuting to work by bike and hesitated because you just didn’t know how to get started…you have to check out this piece of work by Bike Pittsburgh. BikePGH worked with illustrator Glen Johnson to put out a guide to bike commuting in an easy to read comic book format (…now if only they had done that with my Statics textbook in college I might have actually gotten that engineering degree!). This was a simple way to get across loads of information–kudos to the BikePGH team!

Check out the guide and all that it offers, it’s only got a few bits tailored specifically to Pittsburgh and PA laws. This guide covers everything from what kind of bike to buy, clothes to wear, cycling safety and maintenance, sharing the road, even what to do in the event of an accident! It’s only available online now, but will be available in printed version soon.

What do you think?