Westfalia has created something I’ve long thought would be really cool: a bike rack that could double as extra storage (although my imaginary version somehow magically lets you do both…perhaps a slide-out tray system?).

The Portilo is perhaps the coolest, most functional automotive accessory I’ve seen.  Under the case is the bike rack loop that folds up and uses two clamping arms to hold two bikes (a third bike extender option is available).  The storage box is lockable onto the rack and you can lock the hinged door on top, or remove the lid altogether for taller items.  It has rollers and a handle, so you can roll it into the store or your home, making loading and unloading easier and quicker.  It has a max payload of 60kg (132lbs) and it comes with a 5-year warranty.  Now, if only it was insulated and had a drain plug

portilo-box-ani3_01 ani-traeger-aufbau-290kb_01

UPDATE: It does have a drain, but it’s near the top and is intended for washing out and draining the rinse water, not as a melt-drain for using as a cooler for frosty beverages and tailgating.  Pricing is € 360 + VAT for the Portilo and €293  + VAT for the PortiloBox.


What do you think?