mosquito-electric-bicycleThe Mosquito, a creation of two students at the University of Art and Design in Halle, Germany, uses a sturdy Chromoly frame with wood inserts to create a solid, upscale e-bike.  It uses 48V lithium batteries that cost but a few cents to charge and give a range of about 37 miles with a top speed of 31 mph.  The creators hope to have them on sale (Europe only, initially for about €4,000. But look ma, no pedals!


Ultra Motor, which produces the potentially-soon-to-be-sold-in-Best Buy A2B electric bicycle is now making one that foregoes pedals entirely.  Called the A2B Excel, it has 20″ wheels (like a kid’s bike!) and has a range of 28 miles and a top speed of 28 mph.  The weight is about 90 lbs with the internal battery pack and an 800W hub motor on the rear.  The pack you see on the rear is actually the power pack that can be used to charge the Excel where ever you end up.  At about $4,845, it’ll come in white, black, red, blue and brushed aluminum.

go-pet-electric-tricycle At least they’re cooler than the 16mph $1,195 GoPet electric tricycle, complete with seat, trailer and basket (and it’s marketed to police and security firms, among others!)

Via, which has a lot more photos of both “bikes.” Hit ‘more’ for a few detail shots of the Mosquito…



Custom disc rotors have ToTo written in them, referencing their design group’s name.

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