map-my-ride-plus-iphone-appMapMyRide’s new app, dubbed MapMyRide+ uses the iPhone’s built-in GPS to track your route, speed, distance and pace.  You can even view calories burned, elevation and workout history.

Because it’s a paid app ($4.99), it’s free from annoying advertisements, and it even incorporates voice feedback to update you on your progress when using pre-planned routes.

It has integrated iPod controls so you can play and control your music without leaving the app, which is good since the iPhone is a lame duck when it comes to multi-tasking (for now…).

After your ride, it’ll automatically upload your workout to, where you can view your entire ride on their interactive map display.  It’ll also tweet to your friends so they know you just got a little bit faster.

You can download it here (will open iTunes…if you don’t have iTunes, there’s no telling what will happen if you click on this.)

What do you think?