Major Taylor: The Fastest Bicycle Rider in the World hits bookshelves on October 17.  Fully illustrated, its 240 pages tells the moving story of Marshall W. “Major” Taylor (1878 – 1932), the first African-American athlete to gain international fame outside of Boxing.  He rose to fame in Europe and Australia by handily beating the top pros and national champions of the time, but faced the bigger challenge of racism back home in America.  Despite being one of the world’s greatest athletes, he died penniless in a Chicago welfare hospital at age 53.

The hardcover retails for $39.95, or pre-order on for $26.96.  It’s in stock October 17.


  1. This IS the first book on Taylor (not counting his long-out-of-print autobiography) but is also is a re-release. This Andrew Ritchie book was written and published maybe 15 years + ago.. Obviously the company thinks it’s time has come… again! It’s still great stuff though!

  2. Awesome book, Amazing story… I have the paperback version, but wouldn’t mind having the hardcover sitting on my bookshelf instead.

  3. I read this wonderful book a year ago, after I checked it out @ my local university library. Then I received a paperback copy of my own. I live in Cape Girardeau, MO, which is liberally mentioned in the book, but, sadly, not in a positive light. Mr. Taylor was, by all accounts, a man of strong character, intelligence, class & self respect.
    I am better for having read this incredible book. It would have been my great pleasure to have had my tail kicked on the race track, by this great man. To quote Mr. Taylor, “Life is too short for a man to hold bitterness in his heart.”

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