New music video by Rafale for “Drive” featuring some non-Share The Road approved riding.  By the end, my muscles were tight and I was biting my fingernails.  Solid.

Thanks to Yannig for the link and tip!


  1. While very fun to watch, this type of riding in NYC shouldn’t be promoted. Hopefully no one tries to go out and do this stuff on their own. Also, please people ride the flow of traffic rather than against it. This is one of the biggest complaints according to 311(NYC) about cyclist. Many people want to see bike lanes and bike riding go in the city. Riding unlawfully just hurts the cause of promoting cycling in the city. Thank!

  2. What is the point of this? 3+ mins of watching the guy bike like an idiot. I was a bike messenger in NYC years ago and at least I was delivering something. This idiot just seems to bike like an idiot for the sake of being an idiot. Congrats…mission accomplished.

  3. And the point of the video is what? Buy our bike and you can ride like an idiot and have your 3 minutes of youtube fame as well? Guess I’m too old to be impressed by this kind of nonsense.

  4. What an idiot. I guess he’s desperate to be cool and niche. Darwin will take care of him and take him out of the gene pool, I just feel sorry for the person who runs him over.

  5. Yes, riding like that does not help cyclist get a better reputation, and it’s dangerous, but this is just a music video, right?. The guy was probably paid money to do something he does all the time. Can’t really blame him for showing up on youtube. I don’t think he’s trying to prove anything, or show off on the internet, odds are he’s just acting in a music video, trying to make rent this month. Maybe the criticism should go toward the filmmakers glorifying the dangerous riding.

  6. regardless if this is just a music viddy or what the rider is trying to project it sends the wrong message to others. bike verses car, bike loses every time even if the bike gets away unharmed. people in cars already harbor ill feeling towards bikers, we do not need to fuel this fire. we are already seeing biker being run down on purpose. and not “bike messenger “, this is happening to all cyclist.

    there is a a very long history of cars/bikes hate problem that needs to be resolved or at least kept in check. this is wrong

  7. Get some brakes stupid. you could also try riding a mountain bike and getting rad in a place that doesn’t put other peoples lives in jeopardy. you think ur cool cuz your knees are ruined? i’ll hunt u down and pass you on my proper road bike with gears and brakes. man fixies make me upset. trendy effers.

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