Weight weenies, rejoice!  This simple mod requires no Drillium and only a modicum of strength to perform.  And, if you use two Camelbak Podium bottles on your bike, your cumulative savings is 8g.  We can prove it…hit ‘more’ to see the spout on the scale…


It actually hovered between 3g and 4g, but settled on 4g more often, so we’re going with that.


While removal may cause a little more dirt or road “dust” to get all up in your bottle’s spout, the burst-seal design will prevent it from actually getting into your drink, and it does make the spout part infinitely easier to clean, something Camelbak’s reps acknowledge is a bit difficult with the spout tip on the bottle.

…and to think, we’re (barely) getting paid to come up with this stuff.

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  1. Jeez. I also took off the tacky stripes and Camelbak logos off my Podium bottles, carefully and quickly, with acetone. They look great, but really I wonder how much weight that saved me? ;P

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