Cycle Show, the UK’s equivalent of Interbike, carried on over this past weekend, and we’ll pull together some various images for you this week.  In the meantime (while we’re still uploading all of our Interbike coverage!!!), here’s a treat from

Sabbath Bicycles debuted their new top-of-the-line titanium road bike, the Silk Emperor.  Far from being swoopy just to catch the eye, the radical tube shaping serves a purpose.  Notice how the downtube curves upward into the headtube?  And how the seat stays bend down almost vertically into the dropouts? The idea is to increase the angle of contact, which creates a stiffer junction, and the cold working of the tubes with Sabbath’s special heat treating process increases overall material and frame strength.   Also worth noting, the top tube is wider that the headtube and carries straight through it…the headtube actually “punctures” the top tube, providing a much larger (stiffer) contact area.

Check out the video from their booth on

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