Also while searching through Dahon’s site for the post about their new bikes showing at Interbike, I found this: The Dahon Pango Folding Bicycle Helmet.

Designed as a smart looking and easily packable helmet for commuters, Dahon’s VP Joshua Hon said “Most cycling helmets used by urban riders are either based on performance racing helmets or skating helmets. We saw the need for a cycling helmet that addressed the specific needs of the urban cyclist. Urban cyclists are often on and off their bikes – getting coffee, stopping to chat with friends, or popping into a store for an errand – but what do they do with their helmets? They can either hang the helmet off their handlebars where it’s vulnerable to theft, clip the helmet to the outside of their bag where it dangles and catches on things, or simply walk around holding a sweaty helmet. But the Pango folds small enough to fit into just about any bag.”

Hot helmet folding Video action and more details after the break…

The folding helmet also features replaceable panels on the top and rear that allow tuning for function or fashion. Riders heading out into the rain need only replace the perforated grid panel with the solid rain panel to help keep their heads dry. Multiple color options will be available.

The name Pango is derived from “pangolin,” an animal found in the jungles of Malaysia that has hard plates covering its back. When threatened, it rolls into a ball for protection.

The Pango helmet adjusts for head sizes between 55-61 cm and meets EN and CPSC safety requirements.  It won a Eurobike award this year as one of the best products of more than 400 entries.


  1. Does not look very sturdy. What if you fell off and it just folded? Plus I find helmets pretty easy to carry around anyway, either just clip it to the side of your bag or secure it to your bike

  2. Common sense fairy must have been busy. I will stick with a ridgid non-folding helmet, thank you. Kinda like all of the road helmets companies trying to say we have the “lightest” helmet. What they should be trying to do is say, “we made the most impact resistant helmet and the lowest weight possible.” The problem is they try to make it light, then test. Why not try to make it safe, then light???????

  3. @Andreas
    I’m guessing “…meets EN and CPSC safety requirements” means it won’t just fold if you fall off.

    @ Jason Lee
    I ride in fairly ‘normal’ clothes and the helmet is the only thing that gives me away 🙂 but its compulsory

    I like the idea and would probably buy one.

  4. About time! Why are the others who have posted so negative? Obviously it will need to pass any impact standards to be sold and in my eyes it is a great idea. Finally a helmet that can be packed into a back pack or placed on a cafe table (when getting coffee of course!) that will not take up every bit of space. I will certainly buy one once they are available.

  5. Looks pretty cool to me. As for folding in an impact, it looks like the side panels will keep that from happening. And what does it really matter? Most helmets just break under impact anyways.

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