INTERBIKE 2009Vittoria released a few new colors for the Rubino Pro tires while updating the thread counts in virtually all of their road and cyclocross tires.

New for 2010 are the Orange, Honey Gold and Green colors in the Rubino.  It’s a $48 wire bead tire with Kevlar Endura 3D compound for solid puncture resistance and long-life treadwear.  Other changes in Vittoria’s line include:

  • All 120 TPI tires get upgraded to 150 TPI.
  • High end Corsa and Open Corsa tires go from 290 TPI to 320 TPI
  • Cross XM tire gets softer, dual compound tread (60 center / 50 sides)

The Cross XM is available in a 320 TPI tubular ($110) or a 150 TPI clincher ($48).

What do you think?