INTERBIKE 2009Geax had several new models on display, including the Gato 29er and AKA racing tire above.

The Gato, which has been around as a 26″ cross country mountain bike tire for years, has a new 29er model.  It’s designed for loose-over-hard conditions and will come in 1.9 / 2.1 / 2.3 widths with an average weight of 690g for folding bead versions.  It uses a dual tread (60 center, 50 side knobs) compound and will retail for $45.

The AKA is a totally new model designed to compete with Kenda’s Small Block Eight.  Their advantage is offering a directional tread pattern.  The AKA uses Geax’s TNT (Tube / No Tube) casing technology, so you can run the tire normally or as a tubeless.  The TNT feature builds in a tougher sidewall to prevent punctures and cuts while reducing weight versus normal tubeless tires by using their Pit Stop foam latex sealant versus a standard liquid latex sealant.  They also have a 120 TPI casing (60 for DH tires) for a more supple feel.

The AKA weighs in at 590g (2.2 folding bead) or 690g (TNT).  It’s also available in a 2.0 size with UST, folding and wire bead options.  MSRP is $45.

Lastly, they’ve got a big new 2.4 Synapse Freerid / DH tire…check it out after the break…


Designed as an aggressive “after the rain” tire, it’s available only in a soft 50 durometer compound, 2.4 width and TNT or UST versions.  Weight is 1150g and MSRP is $48.

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