INTERBIKE 2009 – SRAM had two new brake levers on display for the single speed crowd.  Available with either a carbon lever blade or aluminum one, they’re stripped down to the bare minimum.  SRAM’s road brand manager Mike Zellman said demand has been pretty high, and he’s seen some people gutting their geared levers.  Now, SRAM’s done the dirty work for them, and they should work for some TT or Tri-bike applications where the bikes have normal road bars but shifters on the aero bars.

Hit ‘more’ to see the hollowed out internals…


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  1. Wow, I’ve been talking about this idea for years. Ya know especially since Tektro, Shimano, Cane Creek, ETC all have been doing this for years. FAIL in Sram’s corner.

  2. What I want is a set of levers, left lever without shfter and right lever with the shifter, so I can ride the bike without front shifter. With a MegaRange cassette available today, you don’t really need the additional gear in front, it only adds more weight. Anyone agree with me?

  3. SRAM and Shimano both need to start selling setups for single-ring rigs, i.e. right hand brake shifter and left hand regular brake lever . Esp. for cross and xc mtb rigs. Prob 1/2 the fields here in CO are running these setups now. The Tektro and Shimano brake levers are very old skool now (tektro being less so). Stetina’s set in stone, but the SRAM folks seem to listen to their market, so there is hope. A single-ring Stylo crank with a 42t ring would be sweet too, esp. if it came with a lower Q-factor.

  4. yoshi – exactly f-ing correct. I’m in the process of spending way to much money to ditch my front derailer/shifter and just go with SRAM’s 10-speed XX in the back. sooooo much simpler, and with a 36/11 = 3.27 gear ratio you’re set. That’s more than I’ve got on my bike now, and I’ve got two chainrings in the front!

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