dahon-iphone-bicycle-mountFollowing on the heels of its BioLogic USB recharging kit for the bike, Dahon is introducing something to actually hold the iPhone it’s charging. Dubbed the BioLogic, it lets you mount your iPhone on the bar to use its GPS function for exploring.

The Biologic mount is weatherproof, using a welded, touch-sensitive membrane for keeping water out. The product is 360 degree pivotal, shock resistant and includes membrane protected openings for photos and videos on the fly.

Dahon vice president Joshua Hon said: “The iPhone has a phenomenal GPS mapping function that’s great when you just want to get on your bike to start exploring.”  They couldn’t find one anywhere that they liked, so they made their own.  Available in January 2010.


  1. If this thing does what it claims it’s gonna be awesome! I’ve been waiting for a design specific case that won’t disintegrate under real conditions.

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