Introducing Gyrobike, a new kid’s bike that makes learning to ride easier by using a gyroscopic disk in the front wheel to keep the bike upright and balanced.  This stabilizes the bike so the kid can focus on riding and not running into your neighbor’s cars or the trash cans or something.


  1. Terrific but I always wonder why people train kids for balance when getting them to push the bike without pedals achieves the same thing? Make sure they can touch the ground first. Take the pedals off and when the kid is glideing with their feet up, return the pedals and watch then learn naturally.

  2. That’s how our son just learned to ride…scoot bike, then straight to a 20″ Specialized mountain bike…he just can’t quite reach enough to start on his own yet, but he can stop and hop off the seat quickly enough to stop himself. Tomatoes / Tah-mah-toes I suppose…

What do you think?