Jen Caudill and Erin Haney PodiumLadies in 2009 Tour of Missouri

The River Front Times, RFT, from St. Louis, MO ran an article today that began with “We were wrong. We admit it.” Yesterday the RFT had posted this article about the “PodiumLadies” for the Tour of Missouri not being from the state of Missouri. Jen Caudill and Erin Haney (above) are from Georgia. The RFT made these closing comments “But, c’mon. You think over in Europe the Tour de France imports its hostesses from the Republic of Georgia? Hell, no! They use homegrown talent. The question is: Why can’t we? Surely, we have some corn-fed beauties who can represent Missouri? Don’t we?”

Click ‘more’ to see why the RFT made the retraction, and meet a PodiumLady from the Tour de France…

Several readers in St. Louis, MO wrote to the RFT and pointed out that the PodiumLadies in the Tour de France are not necessarily from France. And, one such PodiumLady, Laura Antoine, was one of St. Louis’s very own corn-fed beauties. Which answers the earlier question: Yes, St. Louis Does have someone worthy of representing Missouri.

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