More big thanks to Carlton Reid from for sharing his pics from Eurobike 2009.

Above, a prototype stem and handlebar from Shimano Pro for Cavendish in green, of course.  He ran this stem and bar in the Tour de France in a white on black color combo to fit better with Columbia-HTC colors.

Hit more for other pics and shiny bits from the show…


Mario Cipollini is making something of his fashionable legacy in the form of very fashion-forward cycling clothes.  Besides being suggestively designed (pics above and below)…

…they have some interesting features:

These bib shorts zip together on either side, leaving a small hole in the back.

Frog folding bike with big front suspension and a way-too-long front brake cable.

Some beautys from Fixie Inc. above and below.

Lightweight gets into some colored wheels.

Rafael’s time trial rocket.  Click to enlarge and checkout the seat clamp…very smooth.


Garmin’s got a new unit with a camera (sorry, not much more detail than that at the moment)


CycleOps‘ new Joule cycling computers combine the power meter info with normal cycling ‘pooter info plus heart rate and training plans.


Coolest bike booth ever goes to Charge Bikes for their pub storefront set up at the Eurobike outdoor demo. They’re launching their new Surface clothing line:


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