For $4,900 you can have the most unique folding electric bicycle ever.  The YikeBike looks like one of the old high riding bicycles with the giant wheel in the front, and it can go up to 12mph on full electric power.

It’s less than 22lbs including the 1.2kW motor and batteries thanks to a carbon frame.  It has brake lights and turn signals, too, with all electronics hidden behind the frame for clean aesthetics.  Stopping is handled by electronic, anti-skid brakes.

Hit ‘more’ to see it folded up and watch VIDEO of the YIKE in ACTION, which can be done in just 15 seconds…



Found on Gizmodo via PopSci.


  1. So, the pedals don’t actually pedal? They’re just foot rests? And what happens when I get launched off the front of this because I hit a pothole? And I have short little Tyrannosaurs Rex arms, so I can only imagine slouching way down to reach the bars.

    Other than that, though, I mean, what’s not to yike?

    (hahaha…see what I did there?)

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