Nothing like some hot phonecam action from Eurobike right before bed…  This is a 900g carbon Cannondale BadBoy concept urban bike, complete with internal cables and custom Di2 shifters/drivetrain.  Just what every student and working man (and woman) needs.  Look at that saddle!

Hit ‘more’ to see a weight comparison of the 900g SuperSix road frame…really puts a 900g frame into perspective…


900g frame = multitool and a water bottle. Ridonkulous.


  1. Nothing says ‘steal this bike’ like a bare carbon frame cabled to a lightpost outside the uptown Jambajuice.

    Commuters are meant to be clunkers damnit!

  2. Good point Kyle. And since it won’t be cheap, especially with the Di2 group, it’s makes since to carry an extra extra large chain. How many multi tools and water bottles does it take to equal a Kryptonite New York Fahgettboudit chain?

  3. Why do they call it a commuter? Because it has a flat bar? What a stupid idea. Totally impractical for commuting. Does it take a rack and fenders? Probably not.

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