BAM!!! Niner’s new Air 9 Carbon in ready to roll! Looks to be built up with full SRAM XX, Rockshox Reba suspension fork, American Classic MTB 29 Disc wheels, Schwalbe Racing Ralph tires and what looks to be Syncros stem and post (and most likely bar, too).  That saddle looks pretty darn thin, too, and we just got official word that this thing comes in right at 20lbs.

Here’s the thing…this bike is built up for Eurobike, which starts later this week.  After you look at the rest of the pics, we’re making a couple of bets we think we’ll win:

1) Do the math and you get a good result:

Tapered steerer tube on Niner Air 9 Carbon

+ Niner’s relatively new carbon rigid fork


Tapered Niner Rigid Carbon Fork Coming Soon!

2) More fun with math:

Niner’s Bio-Centric EBB

+ Really big BB area on Air 9 Carbon


Hot swappable EBB or BB30 Insert!

Click on any of the pics to enlarge. Hit ‘more’ for lots of juicy pics and substantiating details…


Look at the size of the hole on the bottom of the shock (above and below)…that’s 1.5″.  No doubt.  And since Rockshox doesn’t make a straight up 1’5″ steerer tube on the Reba, that means it’s tapered.



Niner’s sponsored racers like to race single speed bikes.  Niner’s making a light, fast carbon hardtail that looks awfully race worthy.  Coincidence?  Me thinks not…


There’s not a great shot of the BB area in any of these pics, but you can get a sense of the size of it from the leaked shots on this post, in which it looks sized just about right for their EBB.  Yet here, it’s got gears…definitely something new going on, and almost certainly they’ve got something up their sleeves to let you run it both ways.




Niner co-founders Chris (left) and Steve put the final touches on the bike before taking it to the show.


STEVE: Aren’t you a little short for a 29er?

CHRIS: Still with the short jokes?  I ride one all the time!!!

STEVE: Aaaaaaa…you’re so cute when you’re angry.



  1. I’m thinking they’ll add a lock-out for the shifters, so you can run it is a geared bike or a single speed without swapping out parts… brilliant!!!

  2. do’s you think the shifter lockout is gonna be SRAM XX hydraulic? This is one badass bike, I hear it’s got a EBB that can go singlespeed or BB30

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