2010 bh-g5

BH has just recently released thorough information on their 2010 G5, the revamped version of their previous G4. At first glance, I found myself stuttering because for one, I am a huge fanatic of BH and two, it is sweeeeet! From looks to performance this bike brings the heat.

The new frame is right around 800 grams and lateral BB stiffness was increased by 100% from the G4!

Grab a bib for your drool and click below!

Technical Points

-Increased carbon tube sizes resulting in increased stiffness and weight drop

-Downtube cable channel extends through BB

-Incorporated Shimano DI2 battery mount on cable channel


-BB 30 bottom bracket shell with Shimano compatibility


-Rear dropouts are 100% carbon

-Rear derailleur hanger has undergone stress analysis to be stiffer and shift better


-Full carbon cable guides are lighter and slotted for easy cable service, an industry first


-Narrow seatstay profile improves vibration damping


-New headtube design tapers from 1 1/8″ yo 1 1/2 for increased torsional stiffness


-Headset bearing races are molded directly into the frame for lighter weight

-Seatmast is stiffer and stronger

-Improved seatpost design is lighter with improved functionality


-330 gram fork uses BH aesthetics with the layup and manufacturing expertise of Edge Composites

-Fork is laterally rigid and precise but still compliant



  1. Impressive stats, but I’d like to see verification of that frame mass. The one number I’ve seen for a real bike implied the claimed mass was, err, optimistic.

  2. I’m curious about the MSRP of this bike. I gotta say, I thought that it would be a couple more years before bike-makers were so brazenly breaking the $10,000 mark, but it seems like it’s been one 10 grand bike after another for 2010. Guess there’s no ceiling effect after all.

    Although, with the Shimano Di2 going for what…about 4 grand for a full gruppo? Take 4 grand worth of components, 2 grand for wheels….puts the frame at a more reasonable 4 grand, I suppose. So, on second thought, maybe I should be blaming the Di2. =)

  3. I’ve heard that the complete bike with Ultegra will retail for less than $4000. Not cheap, but obtainable.

    I’m happy to see the bike equipped with an Edge fork. I used an Edge 2.0 for one season and loved it. Best. Fork. Ever. I hope this new tapered fork will be as good.

  4. I just got this bike two weeks ago. It rocks. The BH G5 is so responsive and light. I am used to the 7800 old Dura Ace shifters and it’s gonna take a while to learn the action of the SRAM Force shifters but the bike is a rocket! Our team just got this bike and we should be the envy of all the teams in So. Cal soon. Watch out! Ditch your old carbons….buy this one! Mike

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