Designers Yves Béhar, Josh Morenstein, Nick Cronan, Matt Swinton, & Giuseppe Della Salle of fuseproject were commissioned by NYC (hence the logo on all models) to develop a cool urban commuter helmet specifically for city riders.

The result is a very sweet, totally customizable lid that doesn’t look like you’re trying to race to your office.  Users can swap covers to match their outfit or their mood, and in the winter, you’d be hard pressed to tell some of them from hipsters’ raggy head covers anyway.  Because the covers are removable, they can easily be washed, too!

If these take off, no doubt there will be a nice aftermarket for fashionista covers.  Found via Yanko Design by way of DesignCrave.



  1. I’m sorry, but these helmet hats are stupid. Why would I want a non-ventilated (or, ventilation-blocked) cycling helmet? There is simply no way to look cool wearing a helmet; these things just draw attention to the fact that the wearer is so desperate for non-cyclists’ approval that they’ll wear any silly old thing. Even the model looks pissed.
    Just buy a regular helmet, if it’s cold, wear a wool had under it.

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